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It’s was a 1…2…3!

WRS most excellent adventures…

It was a 🥇 🥈 🥉 for team WRS yesterday!!

A very productive trip to Allenshill morning show jumping resulted in being placed in the top three for Katie, Annie and Deni!

Deni haven’t jumped Cherekee since a very wet Barbury castle and could only get an entry in the first class as not organised!! Cherekee popped round very nicely, leaving all the poles intact! We think we can probably speed him back up again now we have finally sorted the breaks!

Annie also hadn’t jumped her young horse Alfie since Barbury, so it was two schooling rounds for them and Katie, was needing to work on rythm and straightness with Teddy.

Lovely morning as always, and now looking forwards to our next outing.

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